Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer!

summer boredom

Now that we are in the thick of summer I am sure you are getting those “Mom, I am bored! Can we go somewhere or do something?” I know that even though my girls are all teenagers I often got the same thing. I have learned that no matter how many places that you take kids unless they know how to enjoy life you will still get the Mom, I am bored. That said I have found a cool way to keep the boredom at bay as much as we can. That is the Groovy Box. I discovered this box when I was looking for ways to help my youngest retain some of the stuff that she has learned throughout the school year. And I found this cool box.

Groovy Single Box Duo is here – bring on road trips and beat summer boredom! I wish I had thought to order one of these boxes for our trip this week.

groovy box

The Duo includes 2 of the grooviest boxes for the summer: It’s Electric and Fly With Me.

Enter the code GROOVYDUO and save an additional $5.00 on the Single Box Duo with free shipping! I love that they are sharing the love with savings. 

* Emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
* Extended learning through an exclusive online portal
* For groovy kids ages 8 and up

So if you looking for ways to beat the boredom with your kids and then check out these cool boxes. I promise that if your child loves science, technology, engineering and math than this is the box for them.

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