Innovative Uses for Activated Charcoal in the Home

Innovative Uses for Activated Charcoal in the Home

Have you ever used a product so unique that you wanted to rewind time to experience using it for the first time again? That’s how I feel about charcoal.I can’t tell y’all enough about the many uses I discovered for activated charcoal. It’s such an impressive science I had to create a list of the most innovative advantages of activated charcoal in the home.

Kitchen Purifier

When I tell y’all, I was mindblown when I saw charcoal used in range hood filters to purify kitchen air. For just a moment, I stood there at the store, trying to wrap my mind around the idea of how a filter could be filled with charcoal and yet cleans the air.

I was shocked when I tried it for myself and started seeing so many changes. My kitchen no longer has any leftover cooking smells, and it’s fun to spend time in with the family.

Charcoal filters grab the air around you and remove odors from cooking fumes and other contaminants. This is definitely one of the most innovative uses of activated charcoal in the home I’ve ever seen.

Mold Prevention

We all have run-ins with mold, and sometimes those old remedies our families passed down to us stop working or become pricey. Once, when I was wiping down mold for the umpteenth time, I threw my sponge down, and, with my hands on my hips, I knew it was time for a change.

On my way to the store, I racked my brain for what I could use next. It was a tough decision, y’all. Eventually, someone suggested activated charcoal as a magical weapon against the spread of mildew.

Instead of wiping it down like I used to—I still could, but I don’t want to—I placed charcoal in areas where I knew mold would grow. Since then, I have had no problems.

Prevent Rust

Rust is another thing we don’t like. If your tools rust, they can cause severe damage to the things you fix with them, and they can break if there’s enough build-up.

Instead of tossing out rusted tools, try soaking them in a vinegar bath overnight. Then, to prevent rust, place a piece of charcoal between your tools to absorb moisture.

Refrigerator Deodorizer

Refrigerators can develop odors too. There’s a simple fix for that and it’s charcoal. If you place a container of charcoal inside the refrigerator, it will absorb bad smells and prevent food spoilage. This activated charcoal hack is a game-changer and one I think y’all should have.

There are so many other interesting ways to use activated charcoal at home. This is only the beginning of using natural resources as better alternatives to maintaining the cleanliness of our homes.

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