How to Keep Your Faith after a Severe Motor Vehicle Accident

How to Keep Your Faith after a Severe Motor Vehicle Accident from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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A lot of things can happen in life that tests your faith in something bigger than yourself. Regardless of what you believe in, whether it is God or another divine being, having faith can help ground you during difficult times and pull them through. Some life events can shake your beliefs, and a severe car crash is one example. So, how do you keep your faith after this traumatic event?

Thinking about What Happened

Following a major car accident, whether you or a loved one was in it, you likely find yourself thinking back about the day repeatedly. It also probably shows up in your dreams. Losing someone can be a highly devastating and grievous time for families, and that’s why many people forget to contact a legal attorney to file a lawsuit to recover the losses. However, visiting can clarify a lot of things for you.

If you were a victim, you may think about how you could have died in the crash. If you were at the wheel, then you may carry the weight of guilt. Meanwhile, if a loved one passed away in a tragic accident, you’ll likely go through many stages, including feeling grief and anger.

Among the thoughts you may have if a family member or friend passed away on that terrible day is, “How could God have let this happen?” It feels like it doesn’t make sense.

Finding Peace in Meditation

A way to work through anger, guilt, resentment, sadness, and many other emotions is by adapting a meditative practice. This activity focuses on meditating on the words of the Bible to help calm your mind.

Reading scriptures can help to calm both the mind and the body. As you read them, note their flow and take comfort in the way the words sound in your head as much as their meanings.

You might write out different verses on note cards and bring them out each time you find yourself doubting the higher power or having difficult emotional moments. A specific scripture may mean a lot to you; if so, repeat it and try to find peace in the words.

Getting through Tough Times

In the event of a fatal car crash, wrongful death attorneys providing high-quality legal services can help you to get closure. From protecting the financial future of you and your kids to funeral expenses, there are many ways that legal action can be helpful following this tragic loss.

This time is testing your faith, and finding the reason for what happened may not make sense for a long time. It is God’s will, and many questions go unanswered, but having faith in Him will help you get through even the hardest of challenges.

Having Confidence in Faith

You might have prayed and not seen the change yet. You may wonder if God hears you and whether He will answer your prayer.

Believe that God is at work in this situation, even if you do not see any external change yet. Reach out to those around you and share blessings, as well as taking care of yourself. Walk in your truth and do what calms you, whether it is knitting, reading books, or another activity.

Try to stand firm in your confidence in your faith. God’s promise is that everything is possible to those who believe, and you must believe that as much in difficult times as in the good times.

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