Freebie: Quick and Easy Lunch Recipes For One [Kindle Edition]

quick and easyCooking should be a pleasure and our food should be a feast for all our senses!

Too many people, and especially those of us who eat alone, see cooking as a boring, dull, repetitive task, and we eat boring, dull, repetitive meals. It’s time to change all of that! Here are 7 quick and easy lunch recipes for one, which offer people, eating on their own, a range of options, all of them healthy, as well as being quick, easy and fun. The recipes are sprinkled with advice and interesting bits of information – everything from how to peel a clove of garlic to when soy sauce was first used! These recipes are a first step for us to learn how to become innovative, inventive and happy cooks!

Snag this kindle freebie at Quick and Easy.

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