Freebie : On Becoming a Writer: What Every Blogger Needs to Know [Kindle Edition]

writerTo write is to join a conversation. This is what every blogger does. We enter an online party where discussions are in progress. We listen awhile. We lurk. And when we’re ready, we tap that publish button. We join the conversation.

Of course, it’s intimidating at first. What if no one is interested in what we have to say? What if we embarrass ourselves with our own “creative punctuation”?

The world of blogging has revitalized people’s interest in the craft of writing. More than ever, people of all ages are committing their thoughts to the written word. They want to improve their craft too. They want to become better writers.

“On Becoming a Writer” answers thirty-four of the most important questions about writing that bloggers need to ask. What’s the difference between writing advice and editing advice? What if I hated English class? What’s the one metaphor every writer should know? Do I always show and never tell? How do I tell my story? What if I can’t remember the eight parts of speech? This e-book answers these questions and more. Each chapter also ends with an optional writing assignment to help writers put into practice the tools discussed.

The concepts shared in this e-book are valuable for every nonfiction writer—blogger and non-blogger alike. “On Becoming a Writer” will help you to:

• Improve your writing by understanding when to apply conventional writing advice and when not to.

• Gain confidence by identifying what kind of writing processor you are and how that affects your writing style.

• Cultivate your unique voice by establishing a writing routine that turns a writer’s perspiration into inspiration.

• Avoid the frustration of futile feedback by formulating the right kinds of questions.

• Embrace your life as a writer by overcoming prior fears about grammar and developing strategies to achieve the three characteristics of great writing.

A writer is someone who has something to say and wants to say it well. And this e-book will help you do just that.

Snag this kindle freebie at Becoming a Writer.

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