Excerpt from “Destiny Unhinged”

I stand in disbelief and shock when the coverlet tree that both Toby and I were intimately sharing an m&m only moments ago, is now being uprooted out of the ground. It is now only inches away from being dropped down upon Toby’s head like Thor’s Hammer of the Gods. Luckily, he has wits enough to dive out of the way just in the nick of time. Toby might not be able to see Max, but thankfully he can see the destruction that Max is leaving behind. How can anyone fight and succeed when they are fighting an invisible opponent?

Toby again jumps up out of the way of the damaging tree trunk smashing to the ground, only moments ago where he had been standing. Just in time again I rejoice, as he grabs my hand and tugs me to move with him. “We have to get out of here fast. Come, Nessa.” He knocks me out of my trance of disbelief. We have no choice, we run.

My mind is racing faster than my feet are carrying me. How can Max turn into such a monster? Can anyone who is considered to be dead, really be so full of rage and jealousy over someone as wonderful as Toby?

In a blink of an eye, well – my eye, Max materializes in front of us as the ground begins to give way. Toby begins to slide into the ditch in front of us. His grip has no other choice but to release from mine. However, I’m not falling with him, but rather I am being lifted high above him and soon find safety several feet away on the ground. Max makes sure I’m safe. Apparently, he is keeping his promise of not hurting me. Well at least physically he isn’t hurting me – yet. Mentally is another subject that he has already reached his limited as being considered – over the top.

“Max, stop this! You’re hurting Toby. Please, I beg you stop!”

The soil around the mouth of the ditch begins filling in.  Toby is becoming enclosed in the earth right here at the cemetery. I try to get to him, but Max has some kind of an invisible wall separating me from Toby. I’m kicking and punching at air trying to get through. The more I struggle, the faster the dirt falls in on Toby.

I can hear muffled sounds coming from Toby as he is getting buried alive.  He yells “Get out of here Nessa, go!” He orders, gasping, through the intimate layers of earth that surrounds him.

I can’t. My feet refuse to move as does my heart refuses to leave Toby like this.

My eyes blur from the tears that begin to shed. I’m not sure how, but Toby is reaching the top of the ditch. I wipe the tears from my face with the sleeve of my shirt. Tree roots that have become unearthed by Max’s display of rage have become the saving grace in this tragedy. Once again I wonder how Toby could have found such a chance of luck. There are no nearby trees along our path of retreat.

With another wave of Max’s hand, gravestones are thrown in the direction of Toby’s escape route. One after another, once again, Toby rolls out of range from the crashing epitaphs.

Toby stands to face his attacker but how he knows where Max is standing is beyond his capabilities. Somehow he finds the general direction. He orders Max. “Leave this world and never return. This is not your place and Nessa is not yours to control. Go now and you can keep your future but know this, your future will not now nor ever will be with Vanessa.  Do you hear me Alien Creature?”

Max begins to laugh. “You have got to be kidding me? Who does this human think he is?”

Is Max asking me? Toby can’t hear him. He already knows this so why is he bothering with this dialogue.

“Again, I demand you to leave this world. The past, the present and the future has no place here for you. Go now and I will promise to spare you!”

Max turns to me. “You tell this boy that it is he, who will no longer have a future on this world, if he thinks he is going to force me to leave my destiny behind when I have waited forever to find you.”

“Max, just go. Leave us alone. I will not be the middle man any longer. Do as Toby says, just leave!” I order Max away.

Two seconds later Max has his arms wrapped around my waist with his breath inside my ear. “Nessa, you can’t possibly mean you want me to leave you forever? Please tell me you don’t truly want me to disappear from your life. What about our destiny, our world to reign together as King and Queen? All the Najinial kinsmen who long to live again with your touch of Ascension will never get the chance. How could you possibly be responsible for so much despair?”


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