7 Unconventional Dresses to Wear to Your Friend’s Wedding

7 Unconventional Dresses to Wear to Your Friend's Wedding from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Weddings are fun events often filled with interesting people, pretty decorations, and good eats. Your friend’s wedding is also the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and show everyone what you look like when you’re not wearing pajama pants. So, what do you do when you’re the type of girl who prefers to stand out even when she’s not the star of the day? You wear something slightly out of the ordinary. Here are seven unconventional dresses to wear to your friend’s wedding.

1. Something on the Short Side

A dress can be short without being skimpy. A short non-skimpy dress is perfect for your friend’s wedding. Choose a striking and classic color like bottle green or dark blue. Either hue is sure to give you an instant glow. To make it wedding-ready, pair your short dress with the right strappy heels, a few accessories of the jewelry variety, and a clutch. Remember not to overaccessorize. The safest bet is to go for diamond jewelry, and there are many ways to make a classy but subtle statement. When you choose a short dress, you may have to be a little careful when sitting down, but no worries, it’ll just give you more motivation to stay on the dancefloor. With this type of gown, it’s easy to dress the style up or down. In this case, consider the bride and what she would prefer.

2. Slightly Sheer and Very Floral

If your friend is having her wedding on the beach, then you have permission to choose unconventional dresses that are slightly sheer and very floral. While you might be tempted to wear a dress that’s light-hued or white to the beach, it’s never appropriate to do it for a wedding unless the bride chose it for you as a bridesmaid’s dress. Instead, select a floral dress that’s unique and a little off-beat such as one that features a flowy skirt and includes a slightly sheer fabric. By pairing floral with sheer, you’ll be as beach-ready as possible. Flat or strappy sandals will complement this look perfectly.

3. A Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is unconventional for a wedding due to its relaxed style. This type of dress may be better for a fall wedding, one with a vintage theme, or one that takes place outdoors. The long skirt is nice because it will keep you warm. Also, maxi dresses come in different styles and patterns, such as a kaftan dress and you can use it to show off that unique personality of yours This is a dress that you can sit down in. If comfort is typically more important to you than style, a maxi dress is definitely for you. Pair this dress with sandals, boots, or heels. When wearing a maxi dress, you can carry an oversized clutch and add big sunglasses.

4. Embellished Chiffon

If your friend’s wedding is on the fancy side, then consider a dress that’s embellished and made from chiffon. Buy one that has a halter and keyhole style neck if you want a classic design that brings old Hollywood to mind. An embellished chiffon dress includes a touch of elegance while the flowy skirt adds comfort to the style. You can get a dress from this material in a variety of colors. Gray or silver are good choices since either hue is flattering and classy. Pair your chiffon dress with a sleek side body purse and strappy heels. Also, style your hair in a fancy bun or simple ponytail, letting your neckline be all the accessories you need.

5. Lace Dress

An off-the-shoulder lace dress in a muted undertone or a light pastel is a great option if you’re attracted to styles that are delicate with a bit of fancy tossed in. A lace dress with an off-the-shoulder design is retro enough to be back in fashion while the look is flattering to women of any size. Look for a lace dress with details like a high-low hemline and a plummeting neckline to show off your curves without revealing too much. If you select unconventional dresses with a high-low hemline, you’ll have the chance to wear shoes that show, so be sure to get something like strappy heels or a pair that has some shine.

6. Bohemian Flair

Over the last few years, Bohemian looks have grown in popularity. This means that you can wear something that displays old-world charm. These dresses usually have a few modern aesthetics included such as fringe or rose gold embellishments, making them the best of both worlds. If you decide to wear a bohemian dress or pick one of the cute bohemian shirts with a skirt, complete the look with subtle eye makeup and deep red lipstick along with simple accessories like a pearl necklace and hoop earrings. For footwear, keep it basic with strappy heels or traditional ones in a neutral color. Carry a small clutch purse for your personal items and if it’s chilly out, bring a silky shawl.

7. Long Beaded Dress

If you want to wear something fancy for your friend’s wedding, then a long-beaded dress may be a perfect choice. The length gives these dresses a formal look while the beading allows you to embrace your uniqueness by giving you the chance to choose one with decoration that displays your personality. When buying a long-beaded dress for a wedding, purchase one in a light or subtle color. If you get one in a bright shade, it may seem flashy and over the top. Pair your long-beaded dress with heels in a complementary shade or one that’s neutral. Since your dress is long, your shoes will peek out from beneath your skirt, so buy a pair that’s as beautiful as your dress. A slim bag and simple jewelry will complete your outfit.

Unconventional and Memorable

Wearing one of these unconventional dresses like the kind that you can get from Luv Bridal to your friend’s wedding will be fun and memorable. Along with standing out, you’ll stun those you love with your perfect sense of style while staying appropriately out of the bride’s spotlight. She’s sure to love the pictures of the two of you together when you show up in a dress that’s just the right amount of unusual.

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