10 Tips On How To Reduce Your Household Utility Bills

10 Tips On How To Reduce Your Household Utility Bills

Want to cut down on the costs of household utility bills and also improve the greenness of your house – here are some tips.

1. Turn Off Standby Mode 

Do not leave your electronic devices on standby mode. Want to save on your utility bills? Then, switch off the standby mode on your appliances. This is because standby mode still uses electricity. 

If you turn off standby mode, you can save around £50 every year.  Investing in a standby saver or a smart plug can help you switch off the standby mode on your electronic appliances at the same time. 

Read the manual of your appliances to understand the details of their standby mode. You can leave your devices, such as ACs, fridges, and digital TV recorders, on standby mode. They can stay on standby mode throughout the day. 

However, some of these devices consume more power. That is why you need to turn off standby mode. This lowers your energy consumption to reduce your household utility bills. 

2. Draught-Proof Your Doors and Windows 

Heat escapes through the gaps in the windows and doors in your old house. So, draught-proof your doors and windows to prevent heat from escaping through these gaps. 

Inspect for cracks around the skirting boards, floors, and the chimney. Fix the cracks as soon as possible. It costs money to fix these cracks. Fixing them can, however, help reduce your household utility bills over the long term. Make sure to take out boiler cover to keep your heating working all year round and avoid expensive boiler repairs.

3. Turn Off Your Lights 

You do not always use your lights. So, if you are not using your lights, then turn them off. For example, turn off the lights when leaving your room. In fact, turning off your lights can reduce your utility bills. 

Do you still use old light bulbs? Switching to LEDs can save you even more money. This is because LEDs use less electricity to produce a bright light. 

4. Use Your Washing Machine Properly 

If you can use your washing machine property, you can save hundreds of pounds every year. 

For example, you could set your washing machine on a 30-degree wash cycle. It can save you £12 every year. You will, however, spend more if your washing machine runs at a higher temperature. 

In addition, do not wash a few clothes at a time. Instead, wash your clothes on full load to reduce your washing machine operating time. This can lower your energy consumption

5. Do Not Use Tumble Dryer 

Do not use a tumble dryer to dry your clothes. Instead, dry your clothes under the sun. A tumble dryer uses electricity to dry clothes. If you dry your clothes outside, you can reduce your household utility bills. 

6. Keep Your Showers Short 

Keeping your showers short can reduce your household utility bills by more than £50 every year. In fact, you do not have to take hot showers during the hot summer months. Take cold showers to reduce your energy consumption. Ensure you keep your boiler running efficiently with boiler cover.

7. Replace Your Bath with a Shower 

It is expensive to use a bath. Why? You probably spend several minutes soaking in a warm bath which uses a lot more water than a shower and requires more heating from your boiler. Therefore, replacing your bath with a shower can help you conserve water and reduce your utility bills. 

8. Save Energy in Your Kitchen 

Do you fill your electric kettle with water? Boiling too much water increases your energy consumption in your kitchen. 

In fact, many people use their electric kettles incorrectly. Do not overfill your electric kettle with water. You only need to use your kettle to boil the water that you will use. Therefore, determine the amount you need before you run your kettle. This can help you conserve electricity and water. 

If you do your dishes, you probably use more water at your tap. So, install an aerator on the faucet to reduce your water wastage. Attaching an aerator to your taps can save you around £20 every year. Likewise, an efficient boiler will use less energy when heating the water you need to wash up.

9. Fill Your Dishwasher 

If you have a big family, then you may need to have a dishwasher. However, if you use your dishwasher daily, it can increase your monthly electricity bill. 

Want to reduce your energy consumption? Run your dishwasher when full to reduce the number of runs and the amount of water needed. If you can use it once or twice every week, you reduce your bills  

10. Inspect the Insulation 

Do you have a hot water cylinder? Then, inspect its insulation. A properly insulated hot water cylinder can reduce your monthly electricity bills. 

You can upgrade the insulation to reduce energy consumption. Remember to properly maintain your boiler to maintain its efficiency and performance.

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