The Joys of Family

I am very happy today to have the writings of a wonderful young lady whose statuses on Facebook has often prompted me to write a blog post or two. This story is in several parts. So make sure to tune in everyday to see how it unfolds.

You know, I am a fast walker. The way I see it, there is no reason to make yourself late because of the pace you decide to go. Perhaps it’s because I come from a somewhat large family: being the oldest of four children, I know first-hand that people expect us to be late, and we usually are. Upon leaving home and becoming an independent college student two years ago, being “the late friend” was no longer acceptable to me as long as I could help it. Therefore, I now walk faster. It’s a habit at this point, and it’s not something I usually think about.

mayo family

The ages of us four kids vary greatly. I am twenty years-old and I have two brothers, ages eighteen and five, and a sister, age fourteen. Blake, the eighteen year-old, left us to go to basic training eight and a half weeks ago. He and I are only eighteen months apart, so one can say that we butt heads a bit. Danielle, the fourteen year-old, was closest to him, as they were both the middle children. Charlie and I get along just fine as we are the two outsiders in our mix, although I do feel like a third parent most of the time.

It’s pretty difficult to explain the family dynamics amongst us kids. The middle two act like they hate me more than they like me. It was a gift from God himself when it was finally time for me to head off to college, as we all get along a heck of a lot more now that I don’t live under the same roof as them. I am rather uptight and serious. Since getting to college, I have indeed laid back a good amount, but I am still more mature than they wish I’d be. My favorite thing that they tell me is to “stop acting like mom.” Yeah, that’s enough to slam any girl at any given time. Danielle took it the hardest when Blake left, although we were all upset about him being gone. At the same time, however, I was glad that Blake was doing something productive for his future and I was proud of him for joining the Air Force. We have always been polar opposites and we have always been in comparison to one another. He lived off of negative attention while I strived for positive attention. I was always seeking to please while he was always seeking to be noticed. School has always been a priority to me while it was more of a burden to him; I knew that college wouldn’t last long on his agenda, and I understood just as much as it worried me.

Tune into tomorrow to see read how this story continues to unfold.

mayo brooke 2 Brooke is a wonderful and intelligent young lady who is entering her junior in college. She is the oldest of 4 children  and is very involved in the local community. I am very pleased that she offered to write for me while I am recovering from surgery. Hope you enjoy her writing as much as I have had.

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