What would you do with $300?? Giveaway

Budget Budget Budget!! It seems like these words are repeating throughout my life and in my inbox as well. Why does it seems that at the end of month there is never enough money to get any extras? Sometimes we forgo something we really want  and need to pay those bills. Or how about those field trip forms that just seem to come up at a moments notice and the money is needed right away. (AND THEY COME BETWEEN PAYDAYS UGH!!)

I have shared my tips with you from time to time on how we save. Mainly by shopping sales, using coupons and buying second hand. Now I want you to stop and think what would you do with an extra $300? Would you pay a bill, buy a much needed item or would you treat your family to night out on the town? No matter what you decided to do with it, I am sure you have your reasons for doing it. Well I want to know what you are gonna do with it. I have teamed up with  H&R Block’s Emerald Advance service to host this $300 gift card giveaway. 

H&R Block’s Emerald Advance service is a program will people can apply and receive their cash advance in time for the holidays. Whether you  use Emerald Advance to cover holiday gifts or travel expenses to spend time with family over the holidays, you can feel good about relying on a financial expert you can trust all year – so YOU can do more celebrating and less worrying! You can get up to $1000, with no w-2 required. Make sure to check this out to see how easy it is to apply and help with your holiday shopping.

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Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. Adventures of Frugal Mom is not responsible for prize shipment.

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  1. Our PC broke during our move a few months ago and I would get the family a new one. Using my stepsons cheap laptop at the moment.

  2. Yesterday my fuel line in my car decided to break. And the mechanic wants $210 to fix it. Who has $210 just laying around? Lol NOT ME! So this would reeeeeeeeally help!

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  4. I would put it toward Christmas gifts and groceries and some new Little Critter books for my daughter.