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Here is a reminder of all the great giveaways that are still going on here at Adventures of Frugal Mom. More will be coming so keep checking back. If you have not entered please do there are alot of great products plus cash that are up for grabs. As always thanks for being a fan. #$185 Paypal Cash  ends 9/6$20 Amazon Gift Card Ends 9/16Duckle Dance Prize Pack worth $100.00 ends (9/1) Prefense Hand Sanitizer   Ends 8/30Pambras    Ends 9/1Ice Cream Giveaway    Ends 9/3Zatarains New Orleans Style Read more [...]

Have you Checked Your Swag Meter Lately??

Come on and get your swag on. The folks over at Swagbucks have put a fun twist on their reward points - Collector's Bills! From now through September 6th you have a chance to win one of five Collector's Bills celebrating Labor Day. Each of the five is for a different amount and each one has a different image - you can keep track of your bills by looking in the "My Swag Bucks" area of your account, and if you get all five during the promotion, you'll get a 10 Swag Buck bonus instantly applied to your Read more [...]

Hot Deal: Photo Calendar from Vista Print

1 Free Photo Wall Calendar! The Calendar is FREE Just Pay Shipping and Processing. Choose from a variety of designs and upload your own photos. Add icons and notes to specific dates so you remember important events. You can even start your calendar any month of the year! Get yours at Photo Calendar. I am thinking of doing a through the years one for my mom and dad with the grandkids picture.This post contains an affiliate link. Read more [...]

Entering the Zone Day 1

Yesterday I told you about my opportunity to review the Zone 1-2-3 Diet in Entering the Zone. I told you that I was going to give a play by play of each day. Yesterday's breakfast was a sesame seed bagel with low cal margarine. First let me tell that I liked how each food comes individually wrapped. No waste.The hardest part I found about this was eating the whole thing. I am not a big breakfast or lunch eater. I nibbled through the days.The suggested lunch was bagel chips with hummus. But instead Read more [...]

Hurry Axe Sample only 5 left

GET YOUR FREE SAMPLE OF NEW AXE HAIR HOLD+TOUCH! When it comes to a guy’s hair, male and female satisfaction are often at odds. But, finally, with new AXE Hold+Touch styling products, guys can get the strong hold they want with an irresistible touch that girls love! Axe Hair has teamed up with Klout and Funny or Die to help guys around the country get great hair and get the girl. Claim your Perk now and then check out '5 Looks Guys and Girls Can Agree On" !Because I earned this great reward Read more [...]

Hot Deal Alert: $15 for $40 Photobook

$15 for $40 Hardcover Personalized Photobook A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why it takes a full week to look through a photo album. Savor your shots with today's Moolala deal: $15 buys a 20-page, 8.75"x11" hardcover image wrap photobook from Photobin.Customized photobooks are a fabulous addition to any coffee table, milk table, or cheese-danish table. And with Photobin's easy-to-use online software, creating them is a breeze. Upload your masterpieces from your hard drive or favorite Read more [...]

Day 3 of Blogging Challenge

Day 3: Your Top 5 Pet Peeves1. People who complain about not having any money then in the next sentence tell what they just bought. Like a brand new TV or new computer or camera DUH that's why you don't have any money lol2. People who tell you if you need help all you have to do is ask for it and they will help. Only to ask for help and be told you are just using them. Hey you said if  you need help to ask?? If you don't mean it don't offer it.3. People who say they are your friends but then just Read more [...]

Recipe: Bacon Cheese Fries

Servings: 4Ingredients1 (32 ounce) package frozen French fries1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese1/4 cup cooked crumbled bacon or Bacon Bits Ranch salad dressingDirectionsCook French fries according to package directions. Place fries on a broiler-safe dish or platter. Sprinkle with cheese and bacon. Broil for 1-2 minutes or until cheese is melted. Serve with ranch dressing. Read more [...]

Crunchmaster Crackers #Giveaway

Crunchmaster Crackers is an awesome cracker. Have a child on a GFCF (#gluten free, casein free) diet? Crunchmaster has 6 crackers to meet their snacking needs including: 20oz Original Multi-Grain (Sam's Club), 20oz 5-Seed Multi-Grain (Costco), 4.5oz Original Multi-Grain (Wal-Mart), 4.5oz Original Multi-Seed (supermarkets), 3.5oz Toasted Sesame Baked Rice (select Costco regions) & their new 3.5oz Hint of Sea Salt 7 Ancient Grains (natural stores)! This product caught my attention because I will Read more [...]

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2

 Day 2 : Where you'd like to be in 10 yearsI would like to be in Hawaii celebrating the last of our girls being out of school.Maddie will be 26, Mikaela will be 23 and Gracie will be 19and would be married for 28 years so that would be a great anniversary present. Seriously I just want to be happy and healthy and have all my family around me. (including my blogging family ;0000)  Read more [...]

Giveaway Reminders

If you haven't entered these giveaways yet there is still time. There are some awesome prizes up for grabs. #$185 Paypal Cash  ends 9/6$20 Amazon Gift Card Ends 9/16Duckle Dance Prize Pack worth $100.00 ends (9/1)Keyfinders Giveaway     Ends 8/29 (2 Winners)Winners Brooke Anna Roberts Danielle SgHurry this one ends Tonight at MidnightPrefense Hand Sanitizer   Ends 8/30Pambras    Ends 9/1Ice Cream Giveaway    Ends 9/3Zatarains New Orleans Style Frozen Dinner  Ends 9/5Be An Undercover Mother Read more [...]

#Freebie: Mine Sweeper for Kindle

Do you enjoy puzzle games? With Mine Sweeper you must use your deductive powers in a race against time to quickly clear a minefield.The objective of Mine Sweeper is to find all of the mines that are hidden on the game grid. When you uncover a location on the grid, the number of mines adjacent to that location is revealed. The game ends when you have successfully identified all the mines and uncovered all the unoccupied locations - or, when you inadvertently uncover a location that contains a mine. Read more [...]